Exercises on Reported Speech

Study the following Passage and form into a conversation

Swami’s father observed Swami’s feelings. He called him affectionately and asked why he was looking very dull and inquired why he hadn’t gone to school that day. Swami replied his dad that he doesn’t like the school and he added that his headmaster beats him every day. His father inquired him why the headmaster beat him every day without any reason and he suspected him that he was sure that he must be causing a lot of nuisance in school.

Swami protested that the headmaster beat all the students in the same way. Swami’s father said OK and asked him what he wanted to do then and inquired whether he goes to school and continues his study or not. Swami replied negatively and said he would join some other school.

His father did not accept it and he didn’t let him join other school. Moreover he ordered him to study in the same school. He said that he knows the head master and he would talk to him. Swami apologized his dad and promised to be a good boy thereafter. 

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Study the following Passage and form into a conversation
Ramya called the weaver uncle and asked him what he was doing. The weaver replied her that he was making a sari and enquired her whether she likes it. Ramya exclaimed her happiness and asked for the price. The weaver told her that it costs Five Hundred Rupees and inquired if she wanted to buy it. Ramya accepted happily and requested him to pack it for her. He assured and handed it over to her.

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